Quality Business in Analytical Science

  • Review of potential acquisition targets in the RM sector
    • (Client Confidential)
  • Gas Quality used in food packaging
    • An examination of the gasses used in food packaging and the quality standards required by the food industry.                  
  • Requirement for the analysis of formaldehyde in domestic air
    • A review of legislation associated with indoor air quality and the need for Reference Materials
  • Reference Materials Supply in Europe and EU Chemical Control Regulations.
    • A multi part report for the UK Department of Trade and Industry
  • The European Virtual Institute for Reference Materials
    • A 3 year contract to provide an internet platform to support end user awareness of RMs and the producers. I edited the Quarterly newsletter.
  • The European market for HPLC
    • A report for Selerity Technologies, Salt Lake City, USA.                     
  • Analytical Locations in the EU Pharmaceutical industry
    • Client Confidential        
  • Analytical and Quality Control in the European Food Industry
    • A report for Ultrasonic Scientific
  • Requirements for Colour Standards in Pharmaceutical QA
    • A report for the Tintometer Ltd
  • Secondary Pharmaceutical Working RS
    • A report for RT Corporation, Laramie USA
  • Mycotoxins and Natural Substance RMs
    • Client Confidential

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